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Pretty much as the title says. I got a job at the local vet clinic.
Here is how day one went...

Wake up bright and early around 6 am
Arrive at the clinic by 7:20 and get promptly directed to the kennel for cage duty.
I cleaned cages and fed the animals with the rest of the kennel attendants and the day went on semi-normally, until we noticed this one cat. She wasn't doing to well so one of the vets put her in an incubator to keep her warm and shot her full of fluids to hopefully keep her from dying.
It didn't. Later I walked in and noticed she wasn't breathing. I called for the vet and she came in and told be to haul butt and find her a stethoscope. Anyway the cat was dead and the vet was like, "Shit! Cat's dead!"
So she picks the cat up and it's head lolls backwards and... blood starts gushing out of its nose and mouth, which gets all over her clothes and the floor. So she points at me and says "You! Mop up the blood!"
After I mopped up the mess I went to tell her the deed was done. She was draining the cat over the sink... And that's exactly what it sounds like.
And then we got to AI(Artificially inseminate) some bulldogs. Fat English Bulldogs that can't breed without human help. '_'
When they put the kitty in the incubator one of the interns turns to me and says, "Would you like to see Hot Pocket? She was baked."
I said "Sure, why not." Cause I thought it was an incubator joke and we were just going to see another cat in an incubator.
The poor cat really had been baked in the oven, cause of her careless, stupid, jackass of an owner. They left the oven door down to cool and the cat crawled in cause it was warm. Then the next day they went to preheat the oven, to bake something. After awhile they noticed Hot Pocket was in there, turned the oven off, opened the door, thought she was dead, AND CLOSED THE DOOR AND LEFT HER IN THERE OVER NIGHT. Bastards.
So the next day when they went to remove the body they realized she was still alive and took her to the vet clinic. and abandoned her.
I want to know what the hell is wrong with them. They let their cat suffer for 24 hours with out vet care.
Poor Hot Pocket is missing all the skin on her belly and hind legs. The flesh underneath is raw and blistered. Her whiskers are just starting to grow back. And that's after being at the clinic for about three weeks.
She will live, but will have to have surgery so she can move her limbs again. Right now she can barley walk cause of the scar tissue.
What amazes me most is the fact that she still trust people and wants to be petted and loved by them.
It makes me sad. I hate her previous owners and am considering calling the humane society on their butts.
Then they were going to clean a little yorkie's teeth, but in the middle of that a lab with a hematoma on his ear came in. It was kind of weird looking. His ear was swollen up to the point that it looked like a little kid had glued a pyramid shaped block on the side of his head. So what does he do? Scratch it. So it bursts and he is bleeding all over the waiting room. And it was a lot of blood too.
But all the doctors and inters are busy. The one cleaning the yorkie's teeth leaves the little pooch on the counter, not the examination table, to tend to hematoma dog. Was told to watch it so that if it woke up it couldn't fall off of the counter. Then was told to hold it and make sure it was still alive.
Finally we had to sulphur-lyme dip seven kittens. They were mostly white. When we were done they were old piss yellow. They mewled and squealed. And reeked like little fluffy bits of brimstone.

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